Unthinkable Act By PSG Coach: Kylian Mbappe Taken Off Early

In their recent Ligue 1 match, () faced challenges against , a situation that has put their coach, Luis Enrique, under a lot of scrutiny.

Enrique’s Management of the Team

One of the most noticeable issues Enrique is currently dealing with is managing the situation around Kylian . In a surprising move during the game against Stade Rennais, Enrique decided to substitute Mbappé earlier than expected. He chose to bring on Gonçalo Ramos in place of the young star.

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A Dramatic Equalizer

This decision by Enrique turned out to be a key turning point in the match. Ramos, who was introduced as a substitute, stepped up and managed to score the much-needed equalizer during additional time, proving his worth to the team.

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Post-Match Interaction

After the match, journalist Alexandre Ruiz took the opportunity to question Enrique about the performance of the team. Despite the pressure, Enrique managed to dismiss the negative questions with a light-hearted attitude.

Enrique’s Unconventional Approach

Rather than dwelling on the negatives, Enrique suggested Ruiz to shift his focus on the positive aspects. He went on to ask the journalist to visualize sunshine and breathe, a response that left Ruiz both amused and slightly confused.

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The Aftermath

This incident has led to speculation about whether Ruiz, or any other journalist, will approach Enrique for comments in future . Enrique's reaction has reportedly left some journalists unhappy with his dismissive attitude and unconventional approach towards post-match interviews.

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