Discover Kylian Mbappé’s Secret Training Techniques that Shook the Football World

From an impressive debut on the Rocher to becoming one of the world's top players, Kylian 's journey is filled with determination and hard work. With each season, he has significantly evolved, expanding his skillset, and embracing multiple options to enhance his attacking prowess.

Progress over the Seasons

Mbappé's advancement is a testament to his commitment to training. Every season, he has made notable progress, continuously broadening his range of capabilities. An example of this is a technique he developed with coach Pochettino. He has mastered the art of feigning to curl the ball to the far post, then adroitly hitting it between the defender's legs.

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Untapped Potential in Free Kicks

Despite his vast array of skills, Mbappé is not yet a specialist in direct free-kicks. This skill is something he has shown great promise in during practice, as per his former teammate, Adil Rami. Rami was witness to Mbappé's excellent free kick technique during the French team's training sessions. Yet, surprisingly, this skill hasn't been demonstrated in live games. The reason remains a mystery, even to Rami.

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More Opportunities Ahead

With and not participating this season, Mbappé is presented with more opportunities to expand his abilities further. As he believes, having a wide skillset is the key to scoring as many goals as possible. Therefore, his continued evolution as a player will certainly be intriguing to follow.

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