Shocking News! Zinedine Zidane to Coach a New Team?!

Zinedine Zidane is actively exploring opportunities since his departure from in 2021. Several teams have shown interest in this legend, despite the obstacles in his dream to coach the .

Zidane’s Future in Coaching

After leaving Real Madrid, Zidane has been actively searching for fresh coaching opportunities. Several teams have shown an interest in having him as their coach. He has stated his preference to join a team he is acquainted with, and where language is not a challenge. This factor narrows down his choices considerably.

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Dream to Coach French Team on Hold

Despite his dream to coach the French national team, Zidane will have to wait. The barrier here is the contract extension of Didier Deschamps, the current coach, until 2026.

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Bayern Munich’s Interest and Considerations

Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga giant, has expressed its interest in Zidane. However, the language barrier might pose a challenge as Zidane doesn't speak German. Notwithstanding, the club's sporting director, Max Eberl, confirmed that a decision has not yet been made. Eberl also added that while the knowledge of German or English is a necessity, it isn't a disqualification criteria. He reiterated that Bayern Munich is known for its excellence, implying that the selection process will be deliberate and slow.

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Italian Clubs and Zidane

The Italian clubs Lazio, Napoli, and Juventus also seem to be keen on Zidane. Unlike Bayern Munich, the language barrier isn't an issue in Italy for Zidane. This could possibly tilt the decision in their favour, but only time will reveal where Zidane's next destination will be.

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