The Shocking Turnaround of OM in Their Recent Clash Against Rennes

Get ready for a recap of the 14th matchday of Ligue 1, a clash between Olympique de () and Stade Rennais that ended with a decisive victory for the former.

Match Overview

The match took place at the Stade Vélodrome, wrapping up with a definite score of OM 2 – 0 Rennes. Driving OM to victory were Aubameyang, who scored a penalty at the 8th minute and Ounahi who secured a goal at the 65th minute. On the other hand, both teams faced expulsions with Ndiaye from OM at the 68th minute and Wooh from Rennes at the 61st minute.

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OM’s Progress

The win has brought some much-needed relief for OM, allowing them to climb up to the 9th place in Ligue 1. They now sit at five points shy from the European slots. Their next confrontation will be at the same location, the Vélodrome, against .

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Rennes’ Downfall

As for Rennes, this was a setback, marking their first loss after two consecutive wins. This resulted in them dropping to the 12th spot in the . They now have just a three-point cushion above the zone.

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Key Moments

  • Aubameyang opened the score with a penalty at the 8th minute.
  • Rennes' Wooh was shown the red card at the 61st minute.
  • Ounahi extended OM's lead at the 65th minute.
  • Ndiaye from OM was sent off at the 68th minute.
  • A potential goal from Harit of OM was disallowed due to offside at the 78th minute.
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