Shocking: Nantes-Nice Pre-Match Chaos Ends in Tragedy

A shocking incident unfolded in the pre- of - at Beaujoire, featuring and tragedy that has shaken the community.

Nantes supporter, part of the Brigade Loire, was brutally attacked by a VTC driver tasked with transporting Nice fans to the match. The encounter took a dark turn as the Nantes supporter was stabbed near the stadium.

An altercation occurred when the VTC carrying fans of Nice was pursued and disturbed. This led the driver to exit his vehicle and retaliate by attacking a man with a knife.

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The victim was promptly attended to by medical personnel. Heart massages were carried out at the scene before the man was rushed to the hospital, facing severe health conditions.

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During the first half of the match against Nice, FC Nantes publicized the disconcerting event. They also shared words of support for the family and friends of the injured supporter.

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OGC Nice, the opposing team in the match, similarly expressed sympathy and support for the wounded fan.

In a display of solidarity and respect, the Brigade Loire, a supporters group to which the victim belonged, remained quiet in their stand through the entirety of the match.

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