Outrage in the Stadium: PSG’s Victory Marred by Dispute

In an exciting turn of events, celebrated a against with a final score of 2-0 in the recent “Classique”.

A Red Card Dispute

PSG faced quite the battle as they were only playing with 10 players against OM's 11 for the majority of the . Lucas Beraldo, the Brazilian defender, was sent off the field after receiving a red card, sparking a wave of disagreement.

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The controversy around the red card escalated when Bruno Derrien, a former referee, chimed in. Although he believes the card was justified, he expressed confusion concerning the process of decision-making. The final decision to issue a red card was reached only after the referee had consulted with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR).

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Controversial Offside Decision

Another point of dispute revolved around a goal from Jordan Veretout that was denied due to the offside position of Luis Henrique. The referee remained firm in his decision, asserting that Henrique's close proximity could potentially have influenced the goalkeeper's performance, hence the refusal of the goal.

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Despite the issues that arose during the game, PSG managed to uphold their performance and secure the win. The players displayed tremendous resilience and strategic play, proving once again why they are among the top in the world.

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