How Lyon Struggles Without “Star Player” Lacazette. What’s Next?

A recent match saw without its star player Alexandre Lacazette, as he watched the to RC Lens from the stands.

Lacazette’s Impact on Lyon’s Performance

Lacazette's absence was acutely felt in the team's heavy 0-3 defeat against Lens. Without Lacazette, the team has struggled this season, failing to secure a win in any of the four matches he missed, resulting in one and three losses. Comparatively, with Lacazette on the field, Lyon boasts a success rate of 40%, marking eight victories in twenty games.

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Orban Fills in for Lacazette

Orban, standing in for Lacazette, didn't manage to match up to the scoring prowess of the team's star striker. Lacazette, responsible for 9 of Lyon's last 14 goals, left a notable void on the field during the match against Lens.

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Circumstances Leading to Lacazette’s Absence

Following an sustained during the French Cup quarter-final match against , Lacazette was rested for the clash with Lens. This decision contributed to the team's lacklustre performance and subsequent defeat.

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Fan Reactions to Lacazette’s Absence

Adding salt to the wound, Lacazette's perceived nonchalance during the match didn't sit well with Lyon's loyal fan base. He was spotted laughing in the stands, leading to a flurry of criticism on social media questioning his commitment to the team. This discontent from fans adds an extra layer of complexity to the situation

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