Is Star Footballer Kylian Mbappé Joining Real Madrid?

Speculation grows surrounding the future of Kylian , with the world-class footballer possibly looking to join in the next season. Reports are surfacing that, before making a potential move to Spain, he hopes to considerably expand his brand.

The player has reportedly embraced his entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to conduct business across a variety of sectors in all 27 European Union countries. This ambitious plan was put into motion on February 8, when a Parisian law firm formally put in a request at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

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Mbappé's application to the EUIPO requested protection for his last name and his signature goal celebration. Interestingly, this isn't the first time the footballer has sought the approval of the Intellectual Property Office. The EUIPO has approved seven of his previous brand applications, showcasing his consistent determination to establish his name and image.

Protection extending to famous quotes

It's not just his name and signature celebration he's seeking to protect. Mbappé has also filed for the protection of two of his most memorable quotes. It appears his brand encompasses more than just his on-field prowess, but also his words which have resonated with fans around the globe.

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Aiming for new victories with Real Madrid

Mbappé's aspirations extend far beyond the business realm. With a potential move to Real Madrid on the horizon, he has high aims for the upcoming season. The skilled player has his sights set on capturing the hearts of Real Madrid fans, and proving that he can secure all possible titles in a new, highly competitive league.

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Among his key objectives is the coveted title. Madrid fans will surely be thrilled at the prospect of Mbappé bringing his world-class skill set to their team, and potentially leading the club to Champions League glory.

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