Shock Bombshell: Kylian Mbappe Plans To Leave PSG!

(PSG) are bracing themselves for a significant shift within their team as they anticipate the departure of star player, Kylian Mbappe.

The exit of Mbappe promises not to be without consequences for PSG. The void left by his departure will trigger considerable adjustments within the team structure. Hence, the need to strategize and make smart moves in the to avoid compounding previous errors is paramount.

Luis Campos and Recruitment Plans

In charge of scouting and , Luis Campos has his gaze firmly fixated on Italy. The European nation, known for its history and talent production, is the area he considers ripe for talent acquisition.

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Focus on AC Milan

Three players from have caught the attention of Campos and the PSG leadership. Théo Hernandez, Mike Maignan, and Rafael Leao are all reportedly of interest. With Hernandez and Maignan yet to agree on contract extensions with the Italian club, their potential capture seems plausible.

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Rafael Leao, whose contract with AC Milan runs till 2028, has also been identified as a contender to fill the Mbappe-shaped hole in the PSG lineup. Although his contract situation might pose a challenge, his talent and potential make him a worthwhile target.

AC Milan’s Dilemma

AC Milan, on the other hand, is faced with substantial issues, including economic problems. The sale of one or more of these players could help alleviate their situation and provide much-needed funds.

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Looking Towards Naples

Beyond AC Milan, Victor Osimhen of Naples is a player being monitored closely by PSG. The forward is seen as a strong prospect and could be a valuable asset to the French club as they seek to reinforce their attack in light of Mbappe's impending departure.

This period serves as a crucial time for PSG as they strive to maintain their domestic dominance and make their mark in European football. With Campos at the helm of their scouting, they aim to acquire players that will not only fill the void left by Mbappe but also enhance the overall team performance.

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