Revealed: How Madrid beat Alaves with just 10 players!

Exciting times are ahead in football as Real Madrid, down to 10 players, still came out victorious with a 1-0 win over Alaves. The winning goal was made by Lucas Vasquez in the stoppage time, allowing Madrid to tie at the top of the chart with Gérone. However, Atlético's patience is being tested by the Griezmann case and Gérone's momentum has been muted by Betis Séville.

Real Madrid’s Changing Strategy

Real Madrid has reconsidered its strategy following the return of Varane. Their game escalated with the announcement of a superstar arrival demanding the inclusion of Mbappé. However, with the winter transfer season nearing, Real Madrid seems to be in a frenzy. There is a 1 billion euros offer on the table for Real Madrid and Barcelona from the Super League.

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Atlético and Griezmann

Griezmann, despite tying a record at Atlético, has declined the legendary status. Atlético, on the other hand, is expressing frustration over the Griezmann situation. Meanwhile, Bellingham is aiming to replicate Zidane's success off the field too.

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Barcelona’s Struggles and Victories

Barcelona managed to barely secure a win over Almeria. This comes after crumbling under the pressure of two games in 24 hours that cost them 4 million. Barcelona's worst dishonor since 1982, took place on their home field. To replace Gavi, Barcelona and Real Madrid are vying. Barcelona also plans a massive 100 million euros transfer in their sights.

Lyon’s Changes and Challenges

In , two players were targeted in a burglary incident, and Pierre Sage has declined to make any promises at OL. Furthermore, Sage has dismissed three more players against in an OL match. Despite these setbacks, with the addition of 6 new players and the release of 50 million euros, OL is no longer at risk of relegation.

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Marseille and PSG Updates

Marseille is likely to see Vitinha depart in the winter. Their supporters also suffered a penalty from LFP for the OM-OL match. , on the other hand, saw their biggest fan of Mbappé instruct . PSG's Mbappé put up an impressive show, while lost.

Sevilla’s Unfortunate Slide

Sevilla continues to have a hard time in La Liga, with their couch, Diego Alonso, being officially dismissed. Barcelona is willing to sacrifice Lewandowski to secure Guimarães, and Xavi's position at Barcelona is in jeopardy. Meanwhile, an unnamed athlete targeted a world champion using a lackluster defense.

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