Why Saïd Benrahma’s Move to Olympique Lyonnais Crashed!

Anticipation and excitement turned to confusion and disappointment as Saïd Benrahma's proposed transfer to fell through. The failure was attributed to an administrative hiccup with his current club, .

Benrahma was all set to join the French club for a figure around the €5 million mark, along with a €15 million purchase option. This plot twist has caused distress not only to the player but also his family. Olympique Lyonnais, on the other hand, expresses bewilderment at the unforeseen turn of events.

Admin Error the Culprit

According to sources, the French National Directorate of Management Control (DNCG) had initially approved Benrahma's transfer. However, due to incorrect information in the international transfer software, the deal was declined. The club is now mulling over an appeal to to resolve the matter.

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Not an Isolated Incident

As surprising as this incident may seem, it is not the first time an English club has struggled with to France. In the past, similar situations have occurred, raising the question of whether English clubs find it difficult to navigate the transfer system to France.

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Statement Awaited from Olympique Lyonnais

While the dust settles on this botched transfer, fans and critics alike await a statement from Olympique Lyonnais. The club has announced its intention to issue a statement in the coming hours.

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