The Astonishing Rise of Oumar Solet, Ex-Lyon Player

Meet , former Olympique Lyonnais player, who has carved a noteworthy path in since his move to RB Salzburg.

During his tenure with Olympique Lyonnais from 2018 to 2020, Solet did not shine as expected. Despite this, he managed to stay positive, not holding any resentment towards the club.

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In 2020, Solet moved to RB Salzburg, a time where his talent really started to flourish. His performance in the central defender position brought him into the spotlight in the football world.

Solet’s Relationship with Olympique Lyonnais

Solet expressed disappointment about the current slump in performance of his former club in . Always keeping an eye on 's , he fervently hopes they will manage to dodge relegation.

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Despite his departure, Solet has managed to maintain connections with his former teammates. Maxence Caqueret, Sinaly Diomandé, and Rayan Cherki from Olympique Lyonnais are still in touch with him.

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Solet’s Next Move

It appears Solet is already looking forward to his next move, indicating readiness to join a club in a major European league. This public statement was revealed during his interview with Goal, where he further expressed gratitude towards RB Salzburg for providing him the chance to showcase his skills.

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