John Textor’s Shocking Move: Targets Betis Seville for New Recruitment

John Textor, associated with , is turning his attention to for new talent . His prime focus is on Abner, a left-back from Betis Seville, who could potentially fill the gap left by Nicolas Tagliafico.

Previous Interactions with Betis Seville

Last summer, Lyon had attempted to secure midfielder Guido Rodriguez from Betis Seville. However, they instead had to settle for Paul Akouokou. This time around, Textor seems to be setting his sights on Abner, a promising prospect.

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The Negotiations

Reports from Brazilian media indicate that Textor has already initiated negotiations for Abner's . However, it's unlikely that the transfer will take place in the January window. The plan, as it stands, is to move him during the summer window.

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The Importance of Abner

Abner's recruitment could be a significant move given that Lyon's Henrique's contract is up for renewal in June. Abner has proven his worth as a player, securing a spot in Betis Seville's first team and also being part of the Brazilian team that claimed in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

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A Brazilian Influence in the Defense

The addition of Abner could add a Brazilian flavor to Lyon's defense alongside Lucas Perri and Adryelson. This trend reveals Textor's interest in integrating Brazilian talent into the team.

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