Is Asensio PSG’s Hidden Weapon Against Real Sociedad?

Marco Asensio is making significant contributions to PSG's recent , emerging as a surprise performer for the team. The club is looking forward to their encounter with Real Sociedad in the 's round of 16.

Asensio's striking performance is apparent in the anticipation and readiness of every player for this high-stakes . Known for his prior stint with Real Madrid, Asensio exhibits the potential to deliver during crucial games.

A Preference for Central Midfield

In a revealing interaction, Asensio let slip his fondness for the central midfield role. It's a position where he feels both at ease and potent. Being aware of the defensive and tactical aptitude demanded by this role, his inclination for it demonstrates his readiness to shoulder responsibility.

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Familiarity with Real Sociedad

His familiarity with Real Sociedad, having acknowledged their robust and efficacious gameplay, adds an intriguing layer to the upcoming match. Despite recognising the challenge posed by their opponents, Asensio exudes confidence in PSG's ability to strive for and progress further in the competition.

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Lineup Decisions Looming

PSG's head coach will have several decisions to make regarding his lineup selection. Asensio making his preferred position known adds another element to consider. Regardless, the team's high morale and eagerness for the upcoming European competition remain unwavered.

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