Shocking U-Turn in Champions League! Get the Full Scoop!

Get up to speed with the latest results from the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. With victories from and , the is heating up.

Real Madrid Edges Out RB Leipzig

Real Madrid managed to secure a hard-fought against RB Leipzig, with the final score at 0-1. The defining moment of the came from Brahim Diaz, who netted the ball at the 48-minute mark. Leipzig were denied a goal by Sesko due to an offside call. There was also a close call from Real Madrid as Vinicius' shot rattled the post at the 72-minute mark. Notably, Real Madrid's gameplay was notably defense-oriented throughout the match.

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Manchester City Overpowers Copenhagen

Manchester City, on the other hand, saw a more decisive victory against Copenhagen, securing a 1-3 win. The goals came courtesy of De Bruyne, who started off strong at the 10-minute mark, followed by Bernardo Silva and Foden. Despite Mattson's equalizer for Copenhagen at the 34-minute mark, the reigning champions displayed technical prowess and dominated the match.

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What This Means for the Quarterfinals

  • Real Madrid: With their win, Real Madrid shows they're not to be underestimated, despite a more cautious strategy.
  • Manchester City: The win edges Manchester City closer to the quarterfinals and certainly establishes them as a strong contender to retain their title.
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