Experience the Heart-Stopping Quarter-final between Rouen and Valenciennes

Experience the thrilling spectacle of the quarter-final match between Rouen and , which concluded in a balanced 1-1 . The end result, determined by the nerve-wracking penalty shootout, tipped in Valenciennes' favour with a 4-2 score.

The match was a true testament to Rouen's ability, as they controlled much of the game. Fascinatingly, this marked the third straight time Rouen found themselves in a penalty shootout situation.

A Brief Overview of the Goals

In the early phase of the match, Valenciennes took the lead with a skilled header from Oyewusi in the 26th minute. They managed to maintain this lead into the second half. Rouen, however, was not to be outdone. A late penalty in stoppage time, awarded as a result of a foul by Knockaert, provided an opening. Despite Louchet of Valenciennes managing to save the initial shot from Rouen's Loppy, he was unable to stop the rebound, which Loppy turned into a goal in the 91st minute.

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Rouen’s Formidable History

Worth mentioning is Rouen's history of defeating notable teams such as Toulouse and . Their consistent performance is worth admiring, despite not winning this match.

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Valenciennes: The Underdogs Rise

Valenciennes has been struggling in Ligue 2 this season, ranking at the bottom. Yet, their performance in the Coupe de France quarter-final was a display of determination and resilience.

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Penalty Shootout: A Detailed Breakdown

  • Rouen's Sahloune was the first to take the penalty shot, but it was expertly saved by Louchet.
  • Valenciennes' Venema saw his shot denied by Rouen's Aggoune.
  • The third penalty shot, taken by Allée of Rouen, met with the crossbar.
  • Lilepo managed to slot home the decisive fifth shot for Valenciennes, confirming their semi-finals berth.

The in the penalty shootout marked a significant milestone for Valenciennes. After a wait of 54 years, they find themselves in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France, a truly unforgettable moment for the team.

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