Why Rayan Cherki Misses Olympics? The Shocking Reason Revealed!

Rayan Cherki, 's footballer, will be missing the upcoming Paris Olympics. The French Espoirs team's coach, , has not selected him. Let's find out why.

Thierry Henry's choice has been shaped by two major factors. Firstly, Rayan Cherki's reduced game time in Lyon. Secondly, the emergence of new talents, such as Akliouche from , making the even harder.

Cherki’s Notable Performance against Toulouse

However, this minor hiccup doesn't seem to deter Cherki. In a recent match against Toulouse, he put on an impressive performance. Entering the field at the 66th minute, he managed to score an equalizer and provided an assist that led to the winning goal.

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Cherki’s Response to Henry’s Criticism

After the match, Cherki responded positively to Henry's critique. He acknowledged the constructive feedback on his recent performance and expressed his determination to better himself.

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Reducing Dependency on Lacazette

Cherki's match-winning performance provides a glimmer of hope for the team. It takes some pressure off another player, , on whom the team was largely depending. It seems like, despite not making it to the Paris Olympics team this time, Cherki is one to watch in the future.

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