Unbelievable: PSG Fans Crave Showdown With Struggling Barcelona!

As we gear up for the draw for the quarterfinals happening this Friday, the fanbase of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is buzzing with anticipation. They are hoping to square off against challenging teams like Dortmund or Barcelona, a sentiment stirred by recent polling data.

Fanbase sentiment

Despite recent histories that don't often see PSG or Barcelona advancing to this stage, loyal followers of PSG have expressed their desire for these matchups. The prospect of facing Barcelona appears particularly attractive, with a majority of PSG fans viewing them as a favorable , according to recent polls.

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Barcelona’s current struggle

Barcelona, on the other hand, is battling to remain competitive in their own league. This struggle has not escaped the notice of the PSG supporters, leading to Barcelona being viewed as an easy target. The reaction from Barcelona's fans was understandably negative, with many feeling insulted by this perception.

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A chance for payback

PSG fans are also motivated by a desire for revenge. Many still remember the 2017 defeat at the hands of Barcelona in a match that involved prominent players and , a game often referred to as the “remontada”.

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The competition

Aside from Dortmund and Barcelona, other teams PSG could face include Liverpool, , Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid. However, among these, Barcelona is no longer seen as a strong threat, with their favorite status for the Champions League perceived to be waning.

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