Shock as Strasbourg Almost Steal Victory from OM in Last Minute Drama

The 18th round of witnessed a thrilling clash between and , with the culminating in a 1-1 . The eventful contest took place at the Orange Vélodrome, a venue famous for its passion-filled atmosphere.

The Maiden Goal

OM made a swift start with Gigot finding the back of the net in the 3rd minute. The early goal resulted from a well-delivered corner by Veretout, which Gigot converted into a close-range header, putting OM in the driving seat.

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The Match Dynamics

Notwithstanding the early set-back, Strasbourg proved their mettle by remaining competitive throughout the game. They managed to create more opportunities and demonstrated impressive teamwork. A standout moment in the first half was Gameiro's ground level attempt, which was thwarted by Pau Lopez.

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Increased Strasbourg Pressure

The second half saw intensified pressure from Strasbourg. There was a moment when Veretout could have extended OM's lead, yet his shot was skillfully saved by Senaya. Strasbourg's mounting threat was further evidenced when Bakwa's free kick found the crossbar in the 85th minute.

Final Minutes Drama

In the dying minutes of the match, Strasbourg found their much-deserved equalizer. Sebas capitalized on a poorly cleared free-kick and scored the leveller, causing hearts to skip a beat in the OM camp. Strasbourg almost celebrated a second when Sahi Dion's shot flew past the goalpost, narrowly missing the target.

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Implications on the Standings

This draw marked a second consecutive one for OM, which impedes their climb in the Ligue 1 rankings. It's a result that will certainly have an impact on their strategy moving forward in the league.

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