Could Karim Benzema be Manchester United’s Offensive Savior?

Manchester United's offensive efficiency has been lacking this season, sparking discussions about potential solutions, including the of new talent. One name that has resurfaced in these discussions is that of Karim Benzema, a player who Manchester United has shown interest in before.

Previous Interest in Benzema

Almost 16 years ago, Benzema was playing for and caught the eye of then Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Benzema displayed his offensive talent by scoring against Manchester United during a . This performance led Ferguson to attempt to recruit Benzema, although the cost was too high at the time.

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Saha’s Perspective

Former Manchester United player, Louis Saha, has weighed in on the matter, suggesting that Benzema could be the solution to the team's current offensive struggles. He believes that Benzema could not only score goals, but also bring more fluidity to the game.

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Benzema Now

  • Benzema is currently playing for Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia
  • Despite the interest, he is not close to leaving his current team.
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Interestingly, one year after Manchester United's unsuccessful attempt to recruit him, Benzema moved to . It seems that while Benzema has been a desired addition to Manchester United's roster for some time, the circumstances have never quite lined up for his move to their team. The question remains as to whether this could change in the future and Manchester United could finally get the boost they're looking for in their offensive game.

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