FC Barcelona’s Scandal: Are They Hitting a New Low?

As the Spanish Super Cup draws near, FC is once again under scrutiny due to allegations of corruption involving Negreira, the former chief of Spanish referees.

Alleged Corruption Allegations

is dealing with accusations of initiating dubious payments to Negreira, totaling €7.3 million. This has caused quite a stir in the community, considering the accusations have subject just before an important event, the Spanish Super Cup.

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Club’s Standpoint

With the allegations now in the open, the club has maintained its stand that these payments were made for consultancy work. Barcelona further insists that these were acts of protocol and respect towards referees, as per the club's culture and tradition.

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Investigation Claims

In recent investigation details reported by Spanish media sources, El Mundo and El Confidencial, it's been revealed that the Justice Department interviewed approximately 20 referees regarding Negreira's influence. It was alleged that these referees attended dinners in Negreira's own bar in Barcelona, around dates at Camp Nou. They also allegedly found themselves at a karaoke and were recipients of luxury car rides.

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Club’s Response to Allegations

Despite these allegations, the club's employees maintain their stance, stating there was no contract with Negreira. They also insist that no internal investigation on suspicious payments has been conducted so far.

The allegations have caused a rift in the football community, and the ongoing investigation continues to scrutinize the actions of FC Barcelona. As the Spanish Super Cup looms ahead, the club's stand on these allegations will be crucial in determining its reputation.

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