Shockwaves in Football: OM’s François Mughe Rejects Cameroon’s Call-Up!

News from the world as François Mughe, the () player, caused a stir to both fans and officials by declining a call-up to participate in the (CAN) with Cameroon. Here's what has transpired.

Mughe’s Surprise Selection

In an unexpected turn of events, Mughe was selected to represent his country by coach Rigobert Song. An odd choice, considering the OM player is not the usual pick for the national team and his playing time with OM has been limited.

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Rejection of the Call-Up

Mughe took it upon himself to inform the federation that he would not be joining the Cameroonian team in Ivory Coast. This decision has sent shockwaves through the football community, as many expected him to seize the opportunity to represent his country.

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Why the Rejection?

Reports suggest that Mughe's rejection could be due to his place on the team list. Being the 8th forward, he didn't see much potential for playing time in the CAN. The refusal could also be seen as a strategy to increase his chances of getting more playing time with OM.

Mughe’s Position with OM

On a positive note, OM coach, Gennaro Gattuso, will be able to rely on Mughe in the upcoming weeks, thanks to him extending his contract with OM. He is set to return to Marseille for training before the French Cup.

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The Aftermath

This decision was not anticipated by the Cameroonian team, currently training in Djeddah, Saudi Arabia. The federation might enforce its rights by opposing Mughe's participation with OM during the CAN period. In line with 's regulations, players are obligated to answer their national team's call.

However the situation unfolds, François Mughe's decision has certainly stirred up the football world. Only time will tell how this will impact his career and the teams involved.

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