OM’s Balerdi – Savior or Liability?

's recent performance against Nantes in marked another win, as Leonardo Balerdi's contribution played a pivotal role. While some critics still question his value, the overall team's revitalization under Jean-Louis Gasset's leadership is irrefutable.

OM’s Wins on the Rise

OM's victory against Nantes adds to their increasing success. This uplift in performance has been observable since Jean-Louis Gasset took the reins. Goals have been pouring in and the team's ambitions, both national and continental, have skyrocketed.

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Leonardo Balerdi’s Performance: A Mixed Review

Despite facing previous criticism, Balerdi seems to have found his rhythm. His recent performance against Nantes demonstrated his value. Yet, not everyone is convinced of his worth. Stéphane Guy, a former player for Dortmund, believes Balerdi is a potential weak point for a team of OM's caliber.

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Stéphane Guy’s Criticism on RMC

Guy unreservedly shared his disappointment on RMC, suggesting OM might have a vulnerability in Balerdi. The former Dortmund player openly questioned Balerdi's likelihood of future success in the team.

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Upcoming Challenges for Balerdi

With the forthcoming against Villarreal in the and in Ligue 1, Balerdi's proficiency will be put to test. His performance in these upcoming fixtures will determine whether he can rise up to the challenge and quash the doubts surrounding him.

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