“OM: Unstoppable Under Gasset’s Rule ?”

With a stunning victory over Nantes, the (OM) closes on the 25th day of Ligue 1, marking Jean-Louis Gasset's fifth consecutive win as the team's coach.

Securely steering the helm since February 20th, Gasset has led OM to a series of perfect performances, an accomplishment not seen in 62 years from a Marseille coach. This series of victories puts OM squarely in contention for the Ligue 1 podium and on the brink of the Europa League quarterfinals.

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An important contributor to this success is striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who netted twice in the against Nantes, taking his tally to 8 goals since Gasset's appointment. His relentless performance on the pitch has been a significant factor in OM's recent surge.

OM now stands just three points shy of the coveted Ligue 1 Top 4. However, the team must keep this momentum going to finish the season on a high note. The upcoming fixtures pose significant challenges, with lined up against Rennes, , Lille, Paris Saint-Germain (), and Lens.

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The Europa League Quarterfinals

Alongside their domestic campaign, OM has also demonstrated their prowess in the Europa League, earning a place in the quarterfinals. This achievement has added another feather to the cap of Gasset's already impressive start.

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Gasset's transformative impact on OM has drawn parallels with the achievements of former coach Eric Gerets. The comparison further highlights the significant strides the team has made under his leadership, and the anticipation for what lies ahead in the OM journey.

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