“How a Burger Threatened Ndombele’s Career”

From the shores of London to those of Istanbul, the journey of Tanguy Ndombele, a professional footballer, has been a rocky one. To satiate your curiosity and know more, continue reading.

Ndombele’s Turbulent Journey

Once celebrated as a rising star, Tanguy Ndombele, having moved from OL to Tottenham in 2019 for 62 million euros, failed to live up to expectations. His field performance sank and his physical condition deteriorated, resulting in regular loans to various European clubs.

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Interestingly, despite his consistent underperformance, a glimmer of improvement was witnessed during his time in Napoli, Italy. Yet, the improvement was not enough to vouch for his proficiency and secure his position.

The Galatasaray Episode

During the summer, Galatasaray took a chance and requested a loan for Ndombele. However, upon his arrival in Istanbul, he was found to be overweight – a clear 6 kilos above the acceptable mark for a professional player. This became a matter of concern for the club and its management.

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Unfolding a new chapter of , Ndombele got into a dispute with coach Okan Buruk over ordering a burger following a defeat. This led to his exclusion from the team during the match against Rizespor and gave way to a storm in the club's infrastructure.

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The Ultimatum

With patience running thin, Coach Buruk decided to give Ndombele an ultimatum – lose the excess weight or face the risk of contract termination. If the conditions are not met, he might have to return to Tottenham.

In all likelihood, Tottenham, currently in good form in the , may not be too eager for Ndombele's return. The stakes are high and only time will tell what the future holds for this professional footballer.

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