“Transfer Drama: 18-Year-Old Stirs Controversy With Famous Jersey Number”

Excitement fills the air as Gabriel Moscardo, an 18-year-old former Corinthians player, completes a 20 million euros deal to (PSG).

Having come from , Moscardo marked his arrival to the French capital with an Instagram photo. The young talent was pictured proudly sporting a PSG kit, but not just any kit. Interestingly, Moscardo donned a number 44 jersey, a number famously tied to 's persona at the club.

Conflict and Controversy

Ekitike has been at odds with the PSG management since his refusal last summer to transfer to Eintracht Frankfurt. This conflict was further fuelled when the new recruit, Moscardo, appeared with his jersey number. However, it's worth noting that the choice of number wasn't a PSG directive but a gesture by Moscardo's friends. The number 44 had been his during his days at Corinthians, which explains his choice.

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Not surprisingly, this stirred up a storm on social media platforms, with fans and critics alike voicing their opinions on the matter. In the midst of all this, a revelation by Brazilian journalist Bruno Andrade came to light, potentially putting speculations to rest.

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The Revelation

According to the reputable journalist's Twitter post, Moscardo is set to don the number 20 jersey in the coming season. This tidbit seemed to deflate the balloon, calming the stirred waters in the process.

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