The Shocking Downfall of Hugo Ekitike at PSG

Hugo Ekitike, a player out of favor with (), has been sidelined due to his unwillingness to be involved in the Randal Kolo Muani deal.

Ekitike’s Fall from Favor

At the dawn of the current season, Ekitike found himself removed from the blueprints of PSG coach, . The 21-year-old forward, who was once a promising prospect, was now sidelined and forgotten.

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Rothen’s Analysis

Respected analyst Jérôme Rothen comments on the situation. In his view, Ekitike can only point the finger at himself. According to Rothen, Ekitike had ample opportunity on the pitch but didn't utilize them effectively. The lack of progression displayed by Ekitike has been a primary factor in his downfall.

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Hubris in Young Talent

The young forward has been accused of being complacent and arrogant. Despite receiving support from former coach Galtier and his team, Ekitike's response was less than satisfactory.

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Unresponsive to Criticism

There are allegations of Ekitike being unresponsive to criticism. He is currently piquing the interest of Eintracht Francfort, who may offer him an escape route from his current predicament at PSG.

Rothen’s Final Thoughts

Rothen is vocal about his lack of remorse over Ekitike's potential departure from PSG. If the forward's performance and behavior continue as they have, Rothen implies that PSG won't be at a loss without him.

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