Is The Super League Doomed to Failure?

Despite approval from the European Union's Court of Justice, the Super League, a proposed football , is unlikely to kick-off. Fidelity to UEFA and its competitions prevails among many clubs, making the emergence of the Super League highly uncertain.

Italian Football Federation’s Stand Against Super League

The Federation (FIGC) is preparing to push back against the Super League. The legislation they're working on suggests that clubs participating in competitions not organized by FIGC, UEFA, or FIFA may face exclusion starting from the 2024-2025 season.

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Initial Promoters Back Out Due to Criticism

The Super League project, initially fronted by Juventus Turin, Milan AC, and , has been abandoned in response to widespread criticism. This shows the considerable opposition encountered by the proposed competition.

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Pressures Behind the Scenes

  • A22 Sports, the promoter of the Super League, has pointed out alleged behind-the-scenes pressures. They claim that certain clubs publicly rejected the Super League while secretly agreeing to it.
  • The clubs implicated in these accusations are those struggling with financial fair-play issues, making them susceptible to such pressures.
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Threat of Exclusion for FC Barcelona

The enthusiastic proponent of the Super League, , finds itself on shaky ground. The prestigious Catalan club might potentially face exclusion from the UEFA , adding to the mounting difficulties of the proposed Super League.

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