Could FIFA Ban Brazil from All Football Competitions?

There is a chance that could be banned from all footballing activities. , the global governing body for , might disallow Brazil from all competitions, with the country currently in the sixth position in qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

FIFA has recently communicated with the Brazilian Football Confederation (BFC) via a formal letter. The letter addresses a recent development, where Rio de Janeiro court chose to depose Federation president, Ednaldo Rodrigues, an act seen by FIFA as unlawful.

FIFA’s Rule on Interference

The FIFA rule clearly states that federal interference in Federation affairs is not permitted. This rule is presumably to ensure the independence of footballing bodies across the world and maintain a level of coherence and consistency in their operations. The Brazilian court's decision falls under this category, drawing the ire of FIFA.

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A Joint Mission and a Special Commission

There are plans for FIFA and CONMEBOL to undertake a joint mission to Brazil in January to address the situation. This mission is aimed at rectifying the situation and ensuring that the rules of FIFA are respected within the country.

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Additionally, a special commission has been formed to oversee the selection of the Brazilian federation president. This commission will begin its duties from January 8 and is expected to keep the election process free from external interference.

Possible Repercussions

FIFA has warned that if the court's decision is not respected, it could potentially refer the case to its decision-making body. The implications of this could be serious for Brazilian football. If FIFA decides to suspend the Brazilian Football Confederation, it would result in the loss of all member rights. Furthermore, the BFC would not be able to participate in any until the suspension is lifted.

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Such a ban could have far-reaching implications for Brazilian football, both on a national and international scale. The situation continues to develop, with all eyes on Brazil and FIFA as January approaches.

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