The Underdog Triumph: FC Rouen outshines AS Monaco in Intense Match!

The round of 16 of the Coupe de witnessed an intense between FC Rouen of the National League and L1's AS . Against the odds, FC Rouen's display of skill and grit earned them a and eventually, a win in the penalty shoot-outs.

The face-off at Stade Robert Diochon

The match held at Stade Robert Diochon ended 1-1 in regular time, and was decided by the penalty shoot-outs, where FC Rouen emerged victorious (6-5).

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A closer look at the goals

AS Monaco's Balogun was first to strike, scoring a penalty at the 35th minute. However, FC Rouen didn't back down, with Bassin scoring an equalizer in the final minutes of the first half (45th+5).

Highlights from the shoot-outs

  • Successful penalties by FC Rouen: Sahloune, Ahmad Allée, Zana Allée, Ouadah, Sanson, Bernasque.
  • Successful penalties by AS Monaco: Golovin, Ben Seghir, Fofana, Kehrer, Maripan.
  • Missed opportunities: Benzia (FC Rouen), Balogun (AS Monaco).
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Performance in the match

Despite AS Monaco being the favored team, FC Rouen showed strong from the start. Benkaid had a near miss in the early game hitting the post, and again a close call with a header by Mion that was saved by Salisu in the 23rd minute.

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Second half action

The second half saw Maripan stopping a potential goal on a shot from Sy in the 56th minute. Balogun attempted another goal in the 74th minute, but it was unsuccessful and the game had to be decided in the penalty shoot-outs.

Deciding the match

In the penalty shoot-outs, Majecki saved the 4th penalty from Benzia. Balogun missed the 5th penalty for AS Monaco. Aggoune then saved the final penalty from Akliouche, securing FC Rouen's victory and their place in the quarterfinals.

Looking ahead

FC Rouen will host Valenciennes in the quarterfinals, scheduled to take place on 27th or 28th February.

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