Behind the Scenes: UEFA 2022 Finals Chaos Exposed

Explore the account of the unrest that erupted during the 2022 UEFA final, revealing the challenges Liverpool fans faced and the subsequent developments that unfolded.

A Turbulent Match for Liverpool Fans

During the 2022 UEFA Champions League final, Liverpool supporters encountered a violent atmosphere. The , which was against at Stade de , was marred by incidents of theft and the use of tear gas by the police. Fans also reported excessive wait times to gain entry into the stadium, further escalating the tension.

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Controversy Over Fake Tickets

The French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, stirred when he pointed the finger at English fans for using counterfeit tickets. Liverpool supporters, initially accused of arriving late for the kick-off, have since been exonerated.

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Fans Seek Legal Recourse

Consequently, the fans, represented by two law firms, lodged complaints for physical harm. UEFA, while acknowledging its role in the incidents, did not admit any blame. Nevertheless, the organization has vowed to refund the Liverpool supporters.

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Compensation Agreement Reached

Last Friday, an agreement on compensation for the incidents was reached between UEFA and the Liverpool fans. While the specific amount of compensation remains undisclosed, it has been suggested that this settlement may allow fans to leave the incident behind.

Notably, despite coming to a compensation agreement, UEFA still did not confirm any responsibility for the unsettling incidents.

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