Was Real Madrid’s Controversial Draw a Curse or a Blessing?

The recent in the between and RB Leipzig has sparked controversies due to various incidents and questionable refereeing decisions.

Incidents on the Field

The first half of the match saw Real Madrid's player, Vinicius Junior, involved in a dispute with Willi Orban from RB Leipzig. Vinicius is said to have grabbed Orban by the neck and pushed him, an action which usually warrants a red card. Instead, much to the surprise of the spectators, the referee only gave him a yellow card.

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Controversial Decisions

Adding to the , the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system did not review the incident involving Vinicius Junior and Willi Orban. This non-review triggered a wave of outrage among enthusiasts and experts, with some insisting that Vinicius should have been sent off the pitch.

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Criticisms and Reactions

Furthermore, Toni Kroos, another Real Madrid player, caught criticism for his conduct during the match. The apparent reluctance of the referee to impose stricter penalties on Real Madrid players was a cause for heated discussions post-match.

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Split Opinions

Notably though, not everyone was critical of the referee's decisions. Davide Massa, the referee, received commendations from certain corners of the Spanish media. Pavel Fernandez, a well-known Spanish football analyst, acknowledged Vinicius' questionable action but supported the decision to mete out a yellow card instead of a red.

Despite the controversies, the match ultimately ended in a 1-1 draw, leaving both teams with points to ponder for their upcoming fixtures.

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