Is Kurzawa’s Surprise Exit from PSG Imminent?

With all signs pointing to a probable exit, Layvin Kurzawa, a () player, may be on the verge of parting ways with the club during the upcoming summer .

A Limited Role

Layvin Kurzawa, who joined the ranks of PSG in 2015 from for a striking 25 million euro, has seen his pitch presence dwindle in recent years. Even though his salary stands at a copious 500,000 euros, his game time has been scarce, with only two appearances since the 2021-2022 season.

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Contract Controversies

Interestingly, despite not being a vital part of PSG's grand plan, Kurzawa's contract was renewed for another 4 years in June 2020, thereby adding to the club's expenses. This decision has left many puzzled as the cost of extension far exceeds Kurzawa's contributions to the club

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Transfer Talks

Despite his limited game time, this French footballer has managed to catch the attention of Spanish clubs, in particular. Insider sources reveal that serious discussions have already begun between Kurzawa's representatives and these interested parties. Confirming these rumors, Kurzawa's agent has acknowledged the ongoing conversations with Betis Seville and other clubs, including Girona.

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Fan Uncertainty

PSG's devotees, however, harbor doubts about the genuine interest from European clubs in Kurzawa. His limited field time over the past three years has led to skepticism among the fans about his prospects in any of these clubs.

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