Shocking Verdict: OM Freed From Guilt In Bus Attack Scandal!

The Disciplinary Committee has recently announced its decision regarding the unfortunate incidents associated with the match between and OL. The determination covers specifically the troubles that occurred outside the stadium, leaving the readers to ponder over the details and implications.

It has been clearly stated that OM is not to bear any blame for the attack on the bus of OL. This incident, which resulted in the unfortunate injury of Fabio Grosso and led to the cancellation of the match, was of grave concern for both the clubs and fans.

Disciplinary Committee’s Decision

The Committee based its decision on Article 4 of the LFP Disciplinary Regulations. After a thorough investigation and assessment of the incidents, the Committee found that the issues unfolded on a public road. Therefore, the hosting club – in this case, OM – does not bear responsibility.

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No Disciplinary Action

Given the circumstances and upon reviewing the available evidence, it has been decided that no disciplinary action will be taken against OM regarding these incidents.

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It sets a precedent, clarifying the hosting club's role and responsibilities in such instances. The decision provides an understanding on the limits of the hosting club's responsibility, especially when incidents occur outside the stadium's premises.

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