“Shock as Top Team Nice Held to Zero-Goal Stalemate by Auxerre!”

In a surprising twist, the between and Auxerre ended in a stalemate with a 0-0 , leading to a decisive . Nice, the 's second-ranked team, didn't meet expectations against Auxerre's solid defense.

Nice’s Missed Opportunities

Nice was presented with several chances to score. However, they were unable to convert these opportunities into goals. Louchet of Nice missed a clear shot at the goal as early as the 3rd minute. Later, at the 56th minute, Auxerre's goalkeeper De Percin executed a reflex save, effectively denying Laborde from Nice to score.

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Auxerre’s Disallowed Goal

Auxerre wasn't without chances either. Ayé, a player from Auxerre, managed to score a goal in the 72nd minute. Unfortunately for Ayé and Auxerre, the goal was disallowed due to an offside ruling.

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The Penalty Shootout

The match had to be decided by a penalty shootout due to the 0-0 draw. The first penalty was a miss by Guessand from Nice. Auxerre's Perrin hit the post, failing to score. Onaiwu, also from Auxerre, had his penalty saved by Bulka.

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Advance to the Round of 16

Despite what can be called a lacklustre performance, Nice won the penalty shootout with a 4-2 scoreline, ensuring their advancement to the round of 16.

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