Renard to Quit France Women’s Team After Olympics: What’s Next?

Hervé Renard, the current head coach of France's women's football team, made an announcement concerning his impending departure after the . He harbors ambitions of a men's team again, thus he will not be renewing his contract with the women's team.

Renard's takeover as coach of the women's team occurred just a year ago, stepping into the shoes of the previous coach, Corinne Diacre. His tenure, although not long, witnessed a vigorous dynamic shift and impressive performances, during which he always emphasized the importance of continuous progress, particularly in women's football.

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The French coach has made it clear, French football has a long road to travel before it becomes the best in the world. Yet, he remains optimistic that the French team can secure a in the forthcoming . Despite the journey ahead, the French women's team remains focused and is performing exceptionally well.

Renard's exit is set to coincide with the end of his contract, which expires on August 31. His sights are firmly set on a return to men's football, indicating a new chapter in his career. The French women's football team will face the challenge of finding a successor who can carry forward Renard's legacy and continue to push the team towards greater progress.

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Teams for Paris 2024 Olympic Football Announced

The teams that will be competing in the forthcoming Paris Olympic football tournament have been unveiled. The women's tournament will see teams from France, Canada, Colombia, and New Zealand compete against each other.

In the men's tournament, the participating teams are France, New Zealand, United States, and the yet-to-be-decided winner of playoffs. The teams are in high spirits and are gearing up for a tournament filled with intense competition and edge-of-the-seat action.

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Despite potential disruptions from incidents like the one with Ivory Coast and their victory over Germany in the Nations League semi-finals, the teams have kept their focus. They are performing well and are set to put their best foot forward in the Paris Olympics.

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