Former Lyon Coach Sylvinho’s Stunning Comeback with Albania!

Former Olympique Lyonnais coach Sylvinho has bounced back from a rocky start to his career and is now enjoying success with the Albanian national team.

Sylvinho's tenure at Olympique Lyonnais was short-lived, lasting only two months. The Brazilian coach's time at the helm was marked by poor performances including a derby loss, ending up in a lowly 14th position in Ligue 1. His dismissal was swift and marked a low point in his nascent coaching career.

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The Albanian chapter: A step in the right direction

The tide seems to have turned for Sylvinho. His stint as the Albanian national team coach has been a marked improvement. Albania has performed admirably under his guidance, managing to qualify for Euro . This marks only the second time in the nation's history they've qualified for the tournament. They top their qualifying group, having notched up four wins, two draws, and just one loss, outperforming teams like the Czech Republic and .

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A broader perspective: Other former Coaches

Sylvinho's success isn't an isolated incident. It's notable that other coaches who formerly held the reins at Olympique Lyonnais are also excelling. Peter Bosz, for example, is leading PSV Eindhoven to the top of the Eredivisie. Similarly, despite his dismissal from Naples, Rudi Garcia managed to guide the team to a commendable 4th place finish in Serie A.

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These multiple instances of coaches thriving outside of OL leads one to explore if the club's issues were not entirely down to the coaches. Sylvinho's Albanian success in particular, could point to a scenario where the problems at OL were rooted in the players or other internal club aspects rather than the coach. The plot thickens, and these developments continue to be a talking point in the world of .

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