Outrageous! How Lyon Barely Snuck Past a N2 Team

It was a challenging match for (), scraping by with a 2-1 over Bergerac, a N2 side. Despite the odds, the team had to dig deep to claim the win.

Red Card Ruckus

One of the primary talking points of the match came in the 65th minute when Bergerac's Christian Gyeboaho saw a red card for his tackle on Corentin Tolisso. The referee, Florent Batta, initially deemed the offence worthy of a yellow card but later revised his decision to a more severe red card. This decision was allegedly under the influence of Lyon's Alexandre Lacazette. A review of the tackle showed Gyeboaho making contact with the ball and only lightly brushing Tolisso's foot, drawing questions over the harshness of the red card.

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Penalty Claim Rejected

Another contentious moment followed with a rejected penalty claim from Bergerac. The incident saw Mata's tackle on Ducros in the Lyon area, but Batta dismissed the claims for a penalty. The decision was met with frustration by the Bergerac supporters, which only intensified the sensation of bias for the Lyon side among the crowd.

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Fan Online Reactions

Following the match, disgruntled fans took to the internet accusing bias in favor of Lyon. Despite these online protests and the surrounding the game, no major incidents occurred post-match in Limoges, maintaining a semblance of calm amid the storm of the match.

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