Is AS Roma Ready to Scoop Up Hugo Ekitike?

Having seen some considerable attention in the market, Hugo Ekitike, currently on loan from Paris Saint-Germain to Eintracht Frankfurt, may possibly have new opportunities ahead, despite the lack of impressive performances recently.

The current season has been somewhat lacklustre for Ekitike at Eintracht Frankfurt, with no decisive goals scored in 9 . This contrasts sharply with his successful 2021/2022 season with Stade de Reims, which forms the backbone of his strong position in the , even in light of his current struggles.

AS Roma’s interest

AS Roma, the prominent Italian club, has displayed interest in Ekitike. The staff, led by Daniele De Rossi, have indicated an appreciation for Ekitike's player profile. This comes in line with Roma's need for a new striker to form a duo with Paulo Dybala for the upcoming season.

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Player transfers and relationships

Roma currently employs Romelu Lukaku, who is on loan from . However, he is due to return to his home club once the season concludes, and is likely to be sold to the highest bidder. This imminent departure underscores the need for a new striker in the Roma squad.

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The relationship between Paris Saint-Germain and AS Roma is cordial, with multiple players having transferred from the French club to the Italian one in the past few seasons. This existing rapport may pave the way for Ekitike's transfer at a potentially discounted rate.

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Potential future at Eintracht Frankfurt

However, Ekitike's future may still lie with Eintracht Frankfurt. There is a possibility that the German club may opt to buy Ekitike, despite his current goal drought with the team.

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