Are Enrique and Campos the Unstoppable Duo Behind PSG’s Success?

At (), two powerful figures stand out: and Luis Campos, who despite their strong personalities, have created a successful professional partnership.

Roles and Responsibilities

Luis Enrique and Luis Campos hold distinct roles within PSG. Enrique, the club's coach, is responsible for all -related aspects. He decides the game style, team composition, tactics, and oversees training sessions. On the other hand, Campos, as the sports advisor, concentrates on recruitment and the wider club project, including managing obligations requiring extensive travel.

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Initial Doubts

Initially, there were concerns about how the two would collaborate. The PSG had witnessed less than cordial relationships between former coach Thomas Tuchel and superiors Antero Henrique and Leonardo. However, Enrique and Campos have proven the skeptics wrong.

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Successful Collaboration

After a summer window and half a season, Enrique and Campos have shown that they can effectively co-exist. They maintain a strictly professional relationship based on mutual respect, ensuring each person's territory is clearly defined and respected.

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Regular Communication

Regular communication is a key feature of their partnership. Enrique and Campos sync up frequently, particularly on issues like discipline. This mutual understanding and respect for each other's roles have contributed to their successful collaboration.

Resulting Success

The Enrique-Campos approach has proven effective. Their ability to collaborate, despite their strong personalities, has brought about a successful season.

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