Youngest Ever French Squad Member in Football History: Who Is He?

Warren Zaire-Emery makes history as the youngest player to ever be called up to the French team by Didier Deschamps, marking his first introduction to the squad. This selection is an initial test for the young prodigy.

Zaire-Emery, still under the age of 18, only took a year after his debut to become a crucial player for . His meteoric rise saw him join the French A team after an outstanding start to the season, despite having only played four games with the Espoirs.

Zaire-Emery’s First Game

His first game in the French jersey is anticipated to be against Gibraltar. If he does play, the 17 years and 8 months old Zaire-Emery will be the youngest player to represent the French team since 1914. Deschamps' exceptional decision can be attributed to the recent injury of Aurélien Tchouaméni.

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Impressed Deschamps

Deschamps has expressed his admiration for Zaire-Emery's performances at PSG and his high-quality training sessions with the French team. His intention is to swiftly assess whether Zaire-Emery could be an adequate replacement for Tchouaméni. It's also worth noting that Zaire-Emery is posing a challenge for players like Youssouf Fofana and Boubacar Kamara.

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Choosing Zaire-Emery

Despite Gibraltar's team not being renowned for its high level of play, Deschamps might gamble with starting Zaire-Emery or bringing him on during the match.

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2024 Euro Consideration

The fact that Zaire-Emery has been called up to the French team at such a young age suggests that he's being considered for the 2024 Euro.

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