Unexpected Wins and Shocks of The African Cup of Nations 2024!

The African Cup of Nations (CAN) competition is brimming with shocking outcomes and unexpected victories. In the latest bouts, teams have been giving their all to secure a slice of victory, and it's an exhilarating ride to follow.

RD Congo Brushes Aside Egypt

RD Congo has sent shockwaves through the competition by eliminating Egypt, a team with seven African championships under its belt. Their 8th final ended in a 1-1 draw with goals by Mostafa Mohamed for Egypt (45e+1 on penalty) and Elia for RD Congo (37e). In the penalty shootout, RD Congo triumphed with a score of 8-7.

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Highlights of the Round of 16

  • Guinea's Victory: Bayo orchestrated a stunning upset, propelling Guinea to future glory.
  • Nigeria Prevails: Nigeria bested Cameroon, securing a spot in the quarterfinals.
  • Angola's Breakthrough: Angola claimed the first ticket to the quarterfinals with their win over Namibia.
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Troubles in Algeria and Côte d’Ivoire

Algeria is facing negative reviews and potential shifts in their coaching staff and players following recent disappointments. Their coach Djamel Belmadi is in the midst of controversies, as well as star player Mahrez, who shared insights into Algeria's .

On another front, former manager Hervé Renard's move to Côte d'Ivoire has been halted by the French Football Federation (FFF). This followed the resignation of Jean-Louis Gasset from Côte d'Ivoire's staff.

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Success Stories Elsewhere

Mauritania's win over Algeria and Morocco's victory against Zambia, which secured Côte d'Ivoire's qualification, both deserve recognition. Sadly, Tunisia's journey in the competition has come to an end.

Player Transfers & Team Performances

The discussion about player transfers and team performances continues to be a hot topic among fans and critics alike.

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Popular articles of late include transfer negotiations, 's need for defenders, and the match between Lyon and Rennes. Fans have been vocal about alleged referee bias in the Monaco vs OM match, as well as 's unexpected win against PSG. There's also talk of a Monaco player set to join Lyon.

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