The Untold Truth: Why Cissé Rejected Madrid’s Offer

The story of Djibril Cissé is one of stellar performances and loyalty, a significant figure in 's history, notably for his time at Auxerre.

During his five-year spell at Auxerre, from 1999 to 2004, he had an impressive run, netting 90 goals in 169 . His remarkable performance was not unnoticed as it granted him a position in the French national team.

A Star-studded French National Team

His time with the French national team was quite eventful, and he got to play alongside big names in , Zinedine Zidane being one of them. Zidane, who was then a player at , saw potential in Cissé and made known his desire for Cissé to become a part of the club in Spain.

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Cissé’s Autobiography: Story of a Loyalty

In his autobiography, Cissé gives an account of his first conversation with Zidane on the matter. He recalls how Zidane mentioned Real Madrid's interest in him.

  • Zidane revealed the interest from Real Madrid.
  • Cissé declined the offer, giving his commitment to Liverpool as the reason.
  • Even today, Cissé has no regrets over his decision, citing doubts about his chances of being a first-team player at Madrid.
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Cissé’s Victory with Liverpool

His loyalty to Liverpool was conspicuously rewarded as he clinched the 2005 with the team, a testament to his decision to join Liverpool instead of Real Madrid.

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