Get Ready for a Football Feast You Will Never Forget!

Get ready for a thrilling marathon of football this coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Enjoy a feast of goals and drama from Europe's top clubs.

On Tuesday, December 12, the action gets underway at 18h45. The Philips Stadion will be buzzing as PSV take on , with live coverage on beIN Sports 1. Simultaneously, RC will be locking horns with FC Séville, broadcasted on Canal+ Foot, RMC Sport 1.

As the night grows, the stakes get higher. At 21h00, face off against Bayern Munich, a clash of titans to be aired on beIN Sports 1. On the same time slot, a barrage of thrilling matches will unfold. FC Copenhague will challenge Galatasaray on beIN Sports 7, while FC Union Berlin will measure their mettle against , live on beIN Sports 3. Naples and SC Braga's duel will go underway on beIN Sports 5, and Red Bull Salzburg will play against on beIN Sports 6; lastly, Inter Milan and Real Sociedad will wage their war on the pitch on beIN Sports 4.

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The excitement continues on Wednesday, December 13. First up, at 18h45, RB Leipzig will host BSC Young Boys on beIN Sports 3. Concurrently, Etoile Rouge Belgrade will seek glory against Manchester City on beIN Sports 1.

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The final whistle of the day will not blow until 21h00, with another batch of exhilarating games. Atlético Madrid will be battling against Lazio Rome on beIN Sports 4. Celtic Glasgow will try to fend off Feyenoord on beIN Sports 6, while Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain will engage in a high-stakes encounter on Canal+, RMC Sport 1. Newcastle and AC Milan's showdown will go live on beIN Sports 1, and Anvers will tackle FC Barcelona on beIN Sports 3. Finally, FC Porto will go toe-to-toe with Shakhtar Donetsk on beIN Sports 5.

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You won't want to miss these crucial games, promising thrilling football and breath-taking moments. Mark your calendars and get ready for two unforgettable nights of football.

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