Discover Luis Enrique’s Surprising Communication Move!

Returning to his roots, , coach of (), is set to engage candidly with his fans on Twitch, a live streaming platform. Given his history of friction with the media, this move will offer an unfiltered line of communication between Enrique and his followers.

Enrique and the Media

Formerly helming the Spanish national team, Enrique had a rocky relationship with the media. This conflict led him to Twitch, where he established a direct channel of communication with fans, bypassing the press.

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The Twitch Channel

Enrique's Twitch channel boasts close to 800,000 subscribers but has not aired any live broadcasts since he moved to PSG. The return to Twitch is largely due to the recent criticism from French journalists over their treatment during press conferences.

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Enrique's Announcement

Enrique declared his live Twitch appearance scheduled for the 21st of March at 20:00. The announcement sparked amusement for Enrique, and PSG supporters eagerly anticipate this fresh communication method.

Projected Success

Enrique's Twitch revival is expected to garner significant attention considering the success of his previous live session, aired during the 2022 World Cup. The coach created the Twitch channel out of his aversion to traditional media, favoring a more direct approach to engage with fans.

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PSG's Stand

It remains uncertain whether PSG's communication department sanctions the live Twitch broadcast. Regardless, the anticipation surrounding Enrique's return to Twitch is palpable, heralding a new era of direct fan engagement.

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