Player Profiles: Kristen Prevosto, SUSA FC

Kristen Prevosto. Photo: Marist Athletics

SUSA FC will play its second season in the WPSL this spring. The defending Northeast Conference champions enjoyed a strong inaugural campaign finishing 7-1-0. Their season would come to an end after losing 1-0 to the Cleveland Ambassadors in the WPSL East Regional final.

SleterFC has teamed with SUSA to offer profiles of players joining SUSA for the 2019 WPSL season. Next in the series is Kristen Prevosto.

Name: Kristen Prevosto
Age: 20
Position: Attacking/Defensive Midfielder
Hometown/high school/year graduated: Selden/Newfield High School/2017
Current school/university (or school graduated from): Marist College
Number of seasons at SUSA: One (with ISA for four years prior before SUSA)

When did you first start playing soccer?
I was around 4/5 years old is when I first started playing.

What is your greatest memory of your soccer career?
Too many! But if I had to pick one it would be winning our first State Cup and getting the chance to go Nationals for the first time.

Who had the greatest influence on your playing career and why?
Dom Veneziano, Ron Alber and Nir Sveri. All three gave me the chance to play at the top level at the time and always pushed me to be the best I could be. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have taken soccer as seriously as I did. They believed in my ability to play and pushed me each practice and each game to make myself and the players around me better.

What do you love about playing soccer?
I love that soccer is a fast-paced game and makes you think and forces you to see the passes and shots before you take them. I also love that soccer is a place where the only thing that matters at that moment is the game.

Who/What is your favorite player/team?
Carli Lloyd would have to be one of my favorite players if I had to name one.

Do you have aspirations of playing professionally?
It has always been a dream of mine growing up and it will always be a dream of mine until I no longer can play anymore.

When you’re not playing soccer, you’re doing…?
When I’m not playing soccer I’m working a whole lot, training for preseason and taking care of my dogs.