Our Favorite 2018 Story: Salma Tarik At The World Cup

Tarik, World Cup
Salma Tarik met up with Iceland fans during the 2018 World Cup.

Another year has passed and 2018 for SleterFC.com was a year of growth in terms of site traffic and on our social networks. Running a website dedicated to any type of news is a fascinating endeavor and one that differs greatly from the old days of merely offering a print product.

The great thing about social media for us is the ability to easily connect and converse with our readers and share information. This has seeded ideas for a number of stories throughout 2018.

A personal favorite was this interview we did in the summer with Salma Tarik. Throughout the World Cup in Russia, she used social media to keep her friends updated regularly about her trip across the country during the tournament. After reaching out to Tarik, and after her return to the United States, we spent some time talking with her about what was a memorable adventure.

During our conversation, she spoke in detail about the places she traveled, the matches she saw in person and the people she met. Most striking was how Tarik spoke of her fellow soccer fans. Despite differences in culture and where they lived around the globe, there was a genuine affection among the fans who were in Russia to see great football.

In addition, Tarik just after her trip to Russia already had her eyes set on Qatar in 2022.

As we begin a New Year and another 365 days of cover soccer news across Long Island and the New York Metro area we encourage you to read (or re-read) our interview with Tarik and check out the photos she shared.