Joining UWS Offers New Opportunities For Brooklyn City FC

Brooklyn City

When the 2020 United Women’s Soccer season kicks off later this year, the league will have a team in Brooklyn.

The borough that was once home to the Dodgers and is now the place where the NBA’s Nets hold court, will soon have Brooklyn City FC showcasing a new generation of female soccer players.

Set to play in the UWS East Conference, Brooklyn City will be coached by Kim Wyant, current New York University men’s head soccer coach and former member of the United States Women’s National Team. Her staff will include Michele Canning, NYU women’s soccer head coach, and Scott Waddell, an assistant coach with the NYU women’s soccer team.

Recently, spoke with Jesse DeLorenzo, president of Brooklyn City F.C., about joining UWS and the impact the decision will have on his club and women’s soccer in Brooklyn and beyond.

SLETERFC.COM: What does joining UWS mean for Brooklyn City F.C.?
JESSE DeLORENZO: It has been a goal since starting the club less than three years ago. Most importantly we are bringing a high level of soccer to Brooklyn and providing a path for youth players in the club. 

SFC.COM: What attracted Brooklyn City to UWS?
JD: Before starting the club we knew we wanted to create a first team. We went to games in UWS and WPSL. We liked the game day experience of UWS and the commitment from the other clubs. The league has seen steady progress in recent years and clubs such as LA Galaxy have taken part. We are really excited to be apart of it. 

SFC.COM: What was the driving force behind Brooklyn City’s desire to have a team that would participate in a league such as UWS?
JD: It was part of our mission when we started the club. There is such a need in New York City as there are so many players that don’t have access to high-level teams. Whether they’re in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens, the players just need somewhere to play.

SFC.COM: You have assembled a strong coaching staff. How will this help build a team?
JD: Kim’s resume speaks for itself and having her at the helm will be a huge advantage for us. She knows what it takes for the team to be successful. Also, she has strong relationships with Michele and Scott. Together, they know the New York City market and we are lucky to have them involved with us.

SFC.COM: Have you set plans for tryouts?
JD: We have not set a date yet for tryouts. We are just starting to identify players and reach out to college coaches. That’s a benefit of having Kim and Michele on the staff. There will be a lot of phone calls to be made.