Shocking: Algeria’s Football Misery Laid Bare!

Algeria's representation in recent competitions leaves much to be desired.

Algeria's football team suffered notable setbacks in the last two Africa Cup of Nations (CAN). The team's inability to qualify for the previous World Cup further highlights the rough patch it's currently facing.

Notably, issues surrounding the team's ex-Head Coach, Djamel Belmadi, seem to play a significant role in their declining performance. Despite having access to high-level individual players, Belmadi struggled to unify them into a strong and cohesive team.

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His relationship with the Algerian press intensified the scrutiny on the team. His public statements grew increasingly forceful, creating a tense atmosphere that was hardly conducive to their success. His attempts to ban the broadcast of preparation , purportedly to keep the team's game plan secret, only fueled further unrest.

End of an Era

Following a crushing to Mauritania, Algeria finds itself without a head coach. This loss led to the team's elimination from the and the subsequent announcement from Belmadi that he was ending his tenure with the Algerian team.

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The official announcement of Belmadi's departure is anticipated upon the team's return to Algeria. However, it's presumed to be an understated affair due to the team's .

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Looking Forward

The Algerian team must now regroup and look towards the future. The departure of Belmadi offers a chance for new management to revitalise the squad and hopefully turn the page on this challenging period.

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