Romano Sisters Commit To U.S. Naval Academy

Romano, Naval Academy,
From left: Isabella and Emma Romano.

Isabella (Bella) and Emma Romano have been playing soccer side-by-side since the age of three. The fraternal twins, freshmen at Syosset High School and members of FC Albertson Fury, are well known in the Long Island soccer community and are active on social media.

With more than three years of high school remaining, the sisters have made a major decision regarding their futures having both committed to the United States Naval Academy.  

While choosing a college can be a stressful decision for any high school student the Romano sisters are of like minds and full of confidence when discussing their decision to attend Navy.

“I thought this was the right time to do it. It has been my dream to go to the Naval Academy,” Bella Romano said, with Emma echoing her thoughts.

Recently, the Romano sisters spoke with offering further insights on their decision to attend Navy and the time they have spent, so far, playing soccer on Long Island.

SLETERFC: Why did both of you want to attend the Naval Academy?
BELLA ROMANO: When I go to Navy I know I will have the best education and my future will be set. I also love how I could be a leader when I go there and that everyone there has the same mindset as me.
EMMA ROMANO: I knew it was the right decision for me because it is going to help us in the future. I also like that everyone there has the same mindset as each other.

SFC: Have you decided on a course of study?
BR: I feel like I will be going into engineering, but I’m not totally sure yet.
ER: I’m not sure yet what I will be studying.

SFC: As you both were growing up, you played soccer together. Was the decision to attend Navy important to do as siblings?
ER: We do everything together. We work well together on and off the field and have a strong bond.

SFC: Talk about your family’s strong history of playing soccer on Long Island.
BR: We started when were three and we have three other sisters who all played. Our sister, Maria, played soccer at NYIT. Pam and Gabby played youth soccer although neither played in college. But both are now playing in recreational leagues.

SFC: What has it been like playing for Paul Riley at Albertson?
BR: I love my teammates. I have great bonds with them and we have a have so much fun. When Paul comes it’s amazing. He helps out with training and we play at the highest level.
ER: The team has a strong bond on and off the field. We connect so well. It’s an amazing thing. During our recent awards dinner, Paul asked Crystal Dunn (North Carolina Courage, U.S. Women’s National Team) to attend. It was awesome. She spoke to all of us and took pictures with everyone.

SFC: Have you given any thoughts to life after college regarding soccer and possibly playing professionally?
ER: We are not looking to go professional. We are attending Navy for the education and are also looking to enjoy our time playing soccer.
BR: I agree with Emma 100 percent. It’s all about the education, and about having fun while we are playing soccer. We are also looking to meet more people and develop new friendships.